Brew Day #50 – Red Ale


As the weather starts to cool down we begin to brew heavier beers to accommodate the colder weather. Today we decided to make our Red Ale in preparation for Holloween parties and Thanksgiving celebrations with friends. Check out the recipe below and follow our Instagram for updates on where we’ll be sampling next.


Fermentable – Extra Light LME, 2-Row, 6-Row, Biscuit, Chocolate Malt, Amber DME, Detrox, Golden Naked Oats

Hops – Bitter: East Kent Golding; Aroma: Fuggle & Nugget

Estimated ABV: 5-6%

Estimated IBU: 60ish


Brew Day #49 – WTF Just Happen?!?

WTF Just Happen?!?

It’s the end of summer but for us it’s time to think about the holiday season. If you had the opportunity to try our WTF Just Happen?!? last year you’ll be excited to know we’re doing it again for 2016. This strong ale/barleywine will get you in the holiday spirt in no time with it’s unique profile of chocolate, cherry and honey served in a 22oz bottle. We want to make sure we have enough for all our friends, family and possibly…future patrons?, so we’re brewing double the amount we did last year!!!


Fermentable – Bavarian Wheat LME, 2-Row, 6-Row, 90L°, Melanoidin, Chocolate Malt, Honey Malt, Chocolate Malt, Pilsner DME, Blanc Sugar, Detrox, Honey, Cherry Extract

Hops – Bitter: Cluster; Aroma: German Hallertauer, Northern Brewer

Estimated ABV: 11-13%

Estimated IBU: 20ish


Brew Day #48 – Stout (Nitro)

Today we decided to brew a Stout because it forces us to finally nitro a beer. We’ve had the nessecary equipment for a few months now but never got around to making anything we felt was right but with the weather getting cooler it seems like a no brainer.  We’ve got our fingers crossed and we’ll definitely provide an update once we have the final product. Check out the recipe below.



Fermentable – Extra Traditional Dark LME, 2-Row, 60˚L, Chocolate, Roasted Barley

Hops – Bitter: Fuggle; Aroma: UK Brambling Cross

Estimated ABV: 4.5-5%

Estimated IBU: 25

Brew Day #47 – EOHS IPA

EOHS IPAIt’s the end of the hop season and we decided to make an IPA out of what we had around. This should be a fun experiment using Cascade, Centennial, Sorachi Ace, Citra, Simcoe and Summit.


Fermentable – Extra Light LME, Flaked Wheat, Vienna, Carapils, 6-Row, 90˚L , Golden Naked Oat

Hops – Bitter: Cascade, Centennial; Aroma: Sorachi Ace, Citra, Simcoe; Dry: Summit

Estimated ABV: 7-8%

Estimated IBU: 92

Brew Day #45 – Amber Ale

We had a great time this summer from sampling our beer at the Roots Picnic to closing out summer 2016 at Head Games Philly for Labor Day weekend but it’s time to get back to work. Today we kicked off our Fall/Winter cycle with a new Amber Ale recipe. We anticipate this one will be done just in time for Octoberfest…fingers crossed.



Fermentable – Extra Light LME (3.3 lbs), 20°L (1.25lbs), 40°L (1lbs), Munich (1lbs), Biscuit (1lbs)

Hops – Bitter: Willamette (1oz); Aroma: Fuggle (2oz)

Estimated ABV: 5%

Estimated IBU: 18.7

Update: Melon IPA

We’ve been busy this summer learning how to make sourdough bread and improving our kombucha but we haven’t stopped brewing. Here’s an update on our Melon IPA (Brew Day #38):

It has a beautiful light golden color with slight hint of green (see pic below). We think that might be due to the Sorachi Ace and Honeydew but who knows…it has a pleasant and clean melon aroma which is highlighted by the hull melon. The flavor is smooth with just the right amount of bitter to balance out the initial Cantaloupe flavor and Honeydew finish. We did miss our estimated ABV with the final product being 5% but it’s so smooth we can’t complain!  We’re going to be nice and save this for our friends to try, so visit our Facebook or Instagram to see where our next “tasting” location will be!!

Brew Day #38 – Melon IPA

With the success of our Peach Wheat Ale and the hot summer days of August quickly approaching, we wanted to create something easy to drink that we’ve never seen or tasted before.  So we put our heads together and thought what is refreshing and delicious during BBQ…fruit salad! So we decided to create a Melon IPA featuring cantaloupe and honeydew. We developed out our grain/hop bill to compliment the fruit and decided to go really experimental by using the yeast from our previous Hefeweizen brew.  Well keep you posted on how it turns out, fingers crossed!



Fermentable – Golden Light LME(3.3lbs), Golden Naked Oats (1lb), Vienna (2lbs), Carapils(1.5lbs), 2-row(1.5lbs), 20L(1lb), Cantaloupe(1.5lbs) & Honeydew(1.5lbs)

Hops – Bitter: Sorachi Ace (1oz), Hull Melon (1oz) & Citra (.5 oz); Aroma: Centennial(2oz), Hull Melon (2oz) & Citra (2oz); Dry: Sorachi Ace (1oz)

Estimated ABV: 5.89%

Estimated IBU: 96.5



Update: Peach Wheat Ale

Today, with great anticipation we taste tested the Peach Wheat Ale we’re giving out during a Philadelphia event in June. After the first sip we instantly knew it’s a winner! We want to make sure the carbonation is just right, so we’re going to keep it under pressure(12PSI) for another 24hrs before we take it off to rest. The grain bill, hops and peach combine to make a refreshing and easy drink beer we hope the ladies will love and the guys appreciate. Check back to see how the event goes or like us on Facebook to see where the tasting is going down to try it yourself!

ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 81ish

Brew Day #33 – IPA

Today we brewed what we previously called IPA 1.2 but do to the great responses we’ve received from friends & family we’re going to just call it our IPA.  It’s exciting to be able to make an India Pale Ale a variety of IPA lovers appreciate, while adding to our “line of beers”. We’ll keep you posted how it goes!



Fermentable – Golden Extra Light LME, Vienna, Carapils, 90L, Flaked Oats, Golden Naked Oats, 6 Row

Hops – Bitter: Cascade & Citra; Aroma: Centennial & Citra; Dry: Summit

Update: Pale Wheat Ale 1.1

Pale Wheat 1.1So we put our Pale Wheat 1.1 (Brew Day #25) on tap this Thursday and it came out, so so. We’re not huge fans of the flavor because it’s a little to much malt and wheat flavor without a crisp refreshing flavor we’ve learned to love in Wheat Ales. The one good thing is it came in at 4% ABV which makes it easy to drink. Since we have to go back to the drawling board, we’re thinking about dropping the Golden Naked, use a higher alpha bittering hops and possible cold crash it for about 1week or two.  Well definitely be brewing another Wheat Ale in the near future in the hopes to get it right just in time for those hot summer days chilling with the homies on the roof deck.

If you have any suggestions on tweaks to the receipt shoot us a comment. We always enjoy hearing from other brewers!