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Brew Day #56 – Apple Cranberry Cider

All of the holiday festivities prevented us from brewing the past two weekends and we¬†decided we need to make something to keep things going. Since ciders are fairly quick and easy to make we decided this would be the perfect time to satisfy our brewing itch.¬†Even though we started the process we’re still deliberating if we want to make this an apple cranberry strawberry cider or apple cranberry raspberry cider but we can make that decision when we move the “Must” to secondary.

If your not familiar with making ciders here’s¬†our cider making process, cook¬†4 gallons of store bought cider at 175¬į for 30 mins. You can also use apple juice but it’s key to make sure Potassium¬†Sorbate is not listed in the ingredients because this stops yeast from converting sugar to alcohol. Once the Must was up to temperature we added a 1lb of brown rice sugar syrup and a 1/4lb of pureed cranberries. Finally we chilled the must with a wort chiller and added a champagne yeast. Once fermentation has slowed down we will move it to secondary, add 1/4lb of cranberries and either 1/2lb of strawberries or raspberries. We’re hoping this will be done by mid February but you can’t force nature. We’ll post an update when it’s completed.

Estimated ABV: 5.5-6%

Brew Day #54 – IPA (New Recipe)

IPAAfter the great responses we got from our EOHS IPA at the Tiny Room For Elephants event we got inspired to re-vamp our IPA recipe to hopefully solidify our IPA brew.¬†We’ve heard from friends, family and even IPA haters that our IPA’s are¬†always smooth and drinkable. So our goal is to create something that’s not¬†overly¬†bitter but has a ¬†balanced and enjoyable flavor. To achieve our goal we decided to adjust the grain bill slightly to work with the change in¬†hops. We want this IPA to have a great citrus flavor while providing a tangerine/grapefruit aroma with a mid-to-high range ABV of 8-9%. ¬†We also decided to add our hops slowly over a 2 minute span during each stage instead of just dropping them in all at once.¬†We’re hoping this will allow each hop to shine individually and create¬†a deep complex flavor.


Fermentable¬†‚Äď Light¬†LME, 2-Row, 90¬įL, Vienna, Carapils, Flaked Oats)

Hops ‚Äď Bitter: Cascade, Simcoe, Centennial; Aroma¬†‚Äď Centennial, Citra; Dry ‚Äď Simco & Summit

Estimated ABV: 8.5 – 9%

Estimated IBU: 114ish

Update: Melon IPA

We’ve been busy this summer learning¬†how to make sourdough bread and improving our kombucha but we haven’t stopped brewing. Here’s an update on our Melon IPA¬†(Brew Day #38):

It has a beautiful light golden color with slight hint of green (see pic below). We think that might be due to the Sorachi Ace and Honeydew but who knows…it has a¬†pleasant and clean melon aroma which is highlighted by the hull melon. The flavor is smooth with just the right amount of bitter to balance out the initial Cantaloupe flavor and Honeydew finish. We did miss our estimated ABV with the final product being 5% but it’s so smooth we can’t complain! ¬†We’re going to be nice and save this for our friends to try, so visit our Facebook¬†or¬†Instagram to see where our next “tasting” location will be!!

Update: Peach Wheat Ale

Today, with¬†great anticipation we taste tested the¬†Peach Wheat Ale¬†we’re giving out¬†during a Philadelphia event in June. After the first sip we instantly knew it’s a winner! We want to make sure the carbonation is just right, so we’re going to keep it under pressure(12PSI) for another 24hrs before we take it off¬†to rest. The grain bill, hops and peach combine to make a refreshing and easy drink beer we hope the ladies will love and the guys appreciate. Check back¬†to see how the event goes or like us on¬†Facebook¬†to see where¬†the tasting is going down to try it yourself!

ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 81ish

Brew Day #33 – IPA

Today we brewed what we previously called IPA 1.2 but do to the great responses we’ve received from friends & family we’re going to just call it our IPA. ¬†It’s exciting to be able to make an India Pale Ale a variety of IPA lovers appreciate, while adding to our “line of beers”. We’ll keep you posted how it goes!



Fermentable¬†‚Äď Golden Extra Light LME, Vienna, Carapils, 90L, Flaked Oats, Golden Naked Oats, 6 Row

Hops ‚Äď Bitter: Cascade & Citra; Aroma: Centennial & Citra; Dry: Summit

Update: Pale Wheat Ale 1.1

Pale Wheat 1.1So we put our Pale Wheat 1.1 (Brew Day #25) on tap this Thursday and it came out, so so. We’re not huge fans of the flavor because it’s a little to much malt and wheat flavor without a crisp refreshing flavor¬†we’ve learned to love¬†in¬†Wheat Ales. The one good thing is it came in at 4% ABV which makes it easy to drink. Since we have to go back to the drawling board, we’re thinking about dropping the Golden Naked, use a higher alpha bittering hops and possible cold crash it for about 1week or two. ¬†Well definitely be brewing another Wheat Ale in the near future¬†in the¬†hopes to get it right just in time for those hot summer days chilling with the homies on the roof deck.

If you have any suggestions on tweaks to the receipt shoot us a comment. We always enjoy hearing from other brewers!


Brew Day #30 – Peach Wheat Ale

PeachesToday we brewed a our first beer with fruit and we’re calling it a Peach Wheat Ale. ¬†The inspiration for this beer was the¬†anticipation of summer and creating something everyone, especially the ladies could enjoy during those¬†sweltering¬†summer days in Philly. We used our Pale Wheat receipt as a starting point but basically created a whole new grain bill and hop combination to work with the peaches. We decided to wait a few days to add our fruit¬†in the hopes to get some great peach flavor, color and aroma, while still being able to get clarity with secondary & cold crashing. Here’s to summer and we’ll keep you posted on the progress!

In case your looking to add fruit to your beer, here is a great resource: MidWest Supplies.

Fermentable: 2 Row, Flaked Oat, Flaked Wheat, 20¬į L, White Wheat, Carapils, Vienna, Golden Naked Oats, Wheat LME, Peaches

Hops: Bitter ‚Äď Hallertau; Aroma ‚Äď Magnum, Saaz

Extras: Yeast Nutrient & Irish moss

Estimated IBU: 81ish

Estimated ABV: 5.5%

Update: India Pale Ale

BVB - IPASo this Thursday instead of talking about a commercial beer we like we wanted to provide an update on one our India Pale Ale (Brew Day #23).  We brewed it back in February and let the dry hops sit in the secondary for about 30 days.  We must say this IPA turned out even better than our last and we think we might be on to something.  The smooth rich flavor of the malt blend with a strong Summit smell is right up our alley.

CHEERS and happy Thursday!


Brew Day #29 – Pale Ale (Whole Leaf)

BVB Whole Leaf HopsWere a few days late on posting but this weeks brew day was particularly exciting for us because it was the first time we brewed our Pale Ale with whole leaf hops.They don’t tell you how amazing whole leave hops are when you first start brewing but the aroma and the ability to chew on a hop to release all the amazing flavor is AWESOME! We’ll keep you posted and share our opinion on the fished product sometime in May/June.

Estimated ABV: 6 – 5.6%