2017 – Back 2 Brewing

It’s been a while since we’ve posted but the start to 2017 has been great! We closed out 2016 by giving out our WTF Just Happen?!? to friends and family. This batch turned out just as tasty as the 2015 release but we lost .5% on our ABV…we’ll make sure to hit 13% next Holiday Season!

WTF Just Happen?!? & Red Ale Photo by: Bianca DiMaio

WTF Just Happen?!? & Red Ale
Photo by: Bianca DiMaio

After all the holiday parties we needed a little break but quickly felt a need to brew in late January and decided to make a Porter. This was due to the great response we received on the previous batches and that many beer drinkers don’t gravitate towards Porters even though they are very drinkable. Outside of our first brew we were able to taste our “New” IPA recipe. This is a true hop head IPA because it’s bitter but not tart with strong aromatics. The citrus and earthy flavor from the bittering hops come through on the first sip while the aromatic has a strong tangerine scent provided by the Summit & Simco we dry hopped with for 15 days. This  IPA might be a one off because it’s so hoppy compared to our traditional IPA but we’re gathering insight from our amazing taste testers to see if we should repeat it.

Our last update for the new year is probably the most exciting! We had the opportunity to sample our beers (New IPA, Red Ale, Illy Stout & Kölsch) at a Aime’s recording/listening session for Love U off the next chapter of “The Book of David” project. Check out the video below to get a taste of what the session was like:

Bonus video: Aime – 99 (TRFE 99 Minute Video)


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