Brew Day #56 – Apple Cranberry Cider

All of the holiday festivities prevented us from brewing the past two weekends and we decided we need to make something to keep things going. Since ciders are fairly quick and easy to make we decided this would be the perfect time to satisfy our brewing itch. Even though we started the process we’re still deliberating if we want to make this an apple cranberry strawberry cider or apple cranberry raspberry cider but we can make that decision when we move the “Must” to secondary.

If your not familiar with making ciders here’s our cider making process, cook 4 gallons of store bought cider at 175° for 30 mins. You can also use apple juice but it’s key to make sure Potassium Sorbate is not listed in the ingredients because this stops yeast from converting sugar to alcohol. Once the Must was up to temperature we added a 1lb of brown rice sugar syrup and a 1/4lb of pureed cranberries. Finally we chilled the must with a wort chiller and added a champagne yeast. Once fermentation has slowed down we will move it to secondary, add 1/4lb of cranberries and either 1/2lb of strawberries or raspberries. We’re hoping this will be done by mid February but you can’t force nature. We’ll post an update when it’s completed.

Estimated ABV: 5.5-6%


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