Update: Porter

The Porter is ready, the Porter is ready!!! So from that intro we’re sure you can guess we completed our first Porter. It was done much faster than expected and from brew day to drinking was finished just under 3 weeks. We’re assuming this is due to two things: 1) we used an aggressive strain of Organic Imperial Yeast that coverted sugar to alcohol much faster then we’re accustom; 2) a slightly higher fermentation temperature of around 75°F mixed with a low original gravity(OG) of 1.040 caused the beer to be completed rather quickly.

We must say the beer turned out better than anticipated for a first attempt. It’s smooth with an ABV of 4.45% but has some complexity provided by the brown and black malt. We want to make it a little bit more robust for round two and plan to add some additional malts and are considering toasted, chocolate, smoked or even some peppercorn . But for now, we’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor, CHEERS!



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