Brew Day #54 – IPA (New Recipe)

IPAAfter the great responses we got from our EOHS IPA at the Tiny Room For Elephants event we got inspired to re-vamp our IPA recipe to hopefully solidify our IPA brew. We’ve heard from friends, family and even IPA haters that our IPA’s are always smooth and drinkable. So our goal is to create something that’s not overly bitter but has a  balanced and enjoyable flavor. To achieve our goal we decided to adjust the grain bill slightly to work with the change in hops. We want this IPA to have a great citrus flavor while providing a tangerine/grapefruit aroma with a mid-to-high range ABV of 8-9%.  We also decided to add our hops slowly over a 2 minute span during each stage instead of just dropping them in all at once. We’re hoping this will allow each hop to shine individually and create a deep complex flavor.


Fermentable – Light LME, 2-Row, 90°L, Vienna, Carapils, Flaked Oats)

Hops – Bitter: Cascade, Simcoe, Centennial; Aroma – Centennial, Citra; Dry – Simco & Summit

Estimated ABV: 8.5 – 9%

Estimated IBU: 114ish


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