Brew Day #53 – Porter

giphyIn honor of the Halloween weekend we decided to do something that scares most people, trying something new. We’ve never made a porter before and to be honest, we haven’t tasted to many we’ve liked but we felt it only right to man up and face our fears! After a “market research” session (sitting around and drinking different porters) we got some inspiration and dove in. We decided the first attempt should be simple so we can improve the beer over the next couple of attempts. Below you’ll find our receipt and we’ll try to provide an update on how it turned out in later post. Wish us luck and Happy Halloween!

Fun Fact: The porter was originally called a “Entire” or “Three Threads” beer because it was a combination of three beers mixed together at the bar/pub in England. The name porter was adopted because the mixture was known as a working class beer that was often consumed by street and river porters. To learn more about the history of porters check out “Porter: The Entire History” blog post by Anchor Brewing or “What the Hell is a Porter?” on BeerAdvocate.


Fermentable – Light LME, 2-Row, 60°L, Brown Malt, 120°L, Black Malt

Hops – Bitter: Northern Brewer

Estimated ABV: 4.25-4.75%

Estimated IBU: 16ish


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