Brew Day #48 – Stout (Nitro)

Today we decided to brew a Stout because it forces us to finally nitro a beer. We’ve had the nessecary equipment for a few months now but never got around to making anything we felt was right but with the weather getting cooler it seems like a no brainer.  We’ve got our fingers crossed and we’ll definitely provide an update once we have the final product. Check out the recipe below.



Fermentable – Extra Traditional Dark LME (3.3 lbs), 2-Row (4lbs), 60˚L ( 1.5lbs), Chocolate (.75lbs), Roasted Barley (.75lbs)

Hops – Bitter: Fuggle (2oz); Aroma: UK Brambling Cross(1oz)

Estimated ABV: 4.5-5%

Estimated IBU: 25


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