Brew Day #38 – Melon IPA

With the success of our Peach Wheat Ale and the hot summer days of August quickly approaching, we wanted to create something easy to drink that we’ve never seen or tasted before.  So we put our heads together and thought what is refreshing and delicious during BBQ…fruit salad! So we decided to create a Melon IPA featuring cantaloupe and honeydew. We developed out our grain/hop bill to compliment the fruit and decided to go really experimental by using the yeast from our previous Hefeweizen brew.  Well keep you posted on how it turns out, fingers crossed!



Fermentable – Golden Light LME(3.3lbs), Golden Naked Oats (1lb), Vienna (2lbs), Carapils(1.5lbs), 2-row(1.5lbs), 20L(1lb), Cantaloupe(1.5lbs) & Honeydew(1.5lbs)

Hops – Bitter: Sorachi Ace (1oz), Hull Melon (1oz) & Citra (.5 oz); Aroma: Centennial(2oz), Hull Melon (2oz) & Citra (2oz); Dry: Sorachi Ace (1oz)

Estimated ABV: 5.89%

Estimated IBU: 96.5





  1. Brew in Review · July 3, 2016

    Sounds tasty. How’d you add the melon? Was it a juice or something or just small chunks in the boil?


    • Broad Vine Brewing · July 3, 2016

      We used fresh fruit that we cut up into bit size pieces and then froze in a gallon ziplock bag. When it was time to add the melon (3 days after brewing) we thawed the melons to bring them up to temperature to avoid shocking the yeast and used a spray bottle to lightly spray grain alcohol all over the melons to ensure there was no bacteria. Then we blended the fruit to a puree and added it to the primary fermentor. After the airlock levels off we then go through the same process with the fruit and add it to the secondary fermentor before we transfer our beer. Hope that helps! 😀


      • Brew in Review · July 4, 2016

        Interesting.. going to need to try that. Would be nice to try without sanitising the fruit as well (after the yeast has some time to take over). See what happens with some wild bugs in there and give it some sour 🙂


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