Brew Day #30 – Peach Wheat Ale

PeachesToday we brewed a our first beer with fruit and we’re calling it a Peach Wheat Ale.  The inspiration for this beer was the anticipation of summer and creating something everyone, especially the ladies could enjoy during those sweltering summer days in Philly. We used our Pale Wheat receipt as a starting point but basically created a whole new grain bill and hop combination to work with the peaches. We decided to wait a few days to add our fruit in the hopes to get some great peach flavor, color and aroma, while still being able to get clarity with secondary & cold crashing. Here’s to summer and we’ll keep you posted on the progress!

In case your looking to add fruit to your beer, here is a great resource: MidWest Supplies.

Fermentable: 2 Row, Flaked Oat, Flaked Wheat, 20° L, White Wheat, Carapils, Vienna, Golden Naked Oats, Wheat LME, Peaches

Hops: Bitter – Hallertau; Aroma – Magnum, Saaz

Extras: Yeast Nutrient & Irish moss

Estimated IBU: 81ish

Estimated ABV: 5.5%


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