Brew Day #27 – Kölsch

The weather is starting to get warm so we wanted to try something different and decide to brew our first Kölsch(Non – Reinheitsbegot). We have no expectation for this one so we through together a grain bill and said scheiß drauf…well keep you posted on the progress.

Kölsch Grain Bill


Fermentable: Flaked Wheat, Carapils, 2-row, Vienna, Wheat DME, Pilsner LME

Hops: Bitter – Fuggle; Aroma – Tettnang, Hallertau

Extras: Yeast Nutrient & Irish moss

Estimated IBU: 20ish

Estimated ABV: 5.15%



  1. Texas Brews · March 16, 2016

    Is this for 5 gallons? Looks nice and easy.


    • Broad Vine Brewing · March 16, 2016

      It’s for 5 gallon. Most of our brews are for 5 gallon but we are hoping to move up to larger batch once we get the recipes down.

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