Brew Day #25 – Pale Wheat Ale 1.1

With the official start of spring around the corner and the dreams of warm summer days we decided to re-work our Pale Wheat Ale to make sure we had it right for summer. The mouthful of our first Pale Wheat Ale felt a little light and was almost “watery” so we decided to beef up the receipt. Well I guess it’s time to get to work and ….

Giddy Up


Fermentable: 2-row(1 lb), Flaked Oats (2 lbs), Morris Otter (2 lbs), Golden Naked Oats(1 lb), Flaked Wheat (2 lbs), Carapils(.5 lb), LME-Wheat(3 lbs)

Hops: Bitter – German Harllatau(1oz), Cascade(1oz); Aroma – Cluster(1oz), Amarillo (.5oz)

Estimated IBU: 46ish

Estimated ABV: 5.7%


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