Partial Mash – How to & Conversion chart

As we progressed in our home brewing from kits we found there was a particular underlying taste (bitter caramel) we didn’t like about our beer. We couldn’t figure it out; was there something wrong with our process? The type of ingredients we were using or maybe the receipt provided? Then after researching online we went to our buddies at Philly Homebrew Outlet and they drop some serious knowledge on us. The flavor we didn’t like was the amount of Liquid Malt Extract (LME) recommended/provided in the kits. Since we were brewing 5 gallon batches the PHO team recommended we start out with doing a partial mash before we move into full mash (all grain receipt) to see if we could avoid the undesirable flavor. We tried it and it was just the things we needed!

LME to Grain Conversion: We usually try to replace every 3 – 3.3lbs of LME for 5 – 6lbs of grain but check out this handy chart to come up with your own method.Conversation Chart

How to make a partial mash:

  1. Steep all grain in 2-3 gallons of water @ 150° for 60mintues (we place ours in the oven to help control temperature fluctuation)
  2. Heat up 1-2 gallons of water to 170° to sparge the grain/mash
  3. Sparge the grain: Remove grain/mash and place into another pot. Pour water over and vigorously stir water for 3-5mintues
  4. Combine and begin your Boil.

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